Cryptopsy: : "The Best Of Us Bleed" jetzt weltweit veröffentlicht; Spotify Playlist online!

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Die kanadischen Meister der Brutalität, CRYPTOPSY, haben soeben eine 2CD / Digital Download Compilation mit dem treffenden Titel „The Best Of Us Bleed“ via Century Media veröffentlicht. Diese „Best Of“-Kollektion gibt es ab sofort weltweit zu erwerben!

Aus diesem Anlass wurde jetzt eine spezielle Spotify Playlist für CRYPTOPSY erstellen und man bat verschiedenen andere Musiker, ihre Meinungen und Fave-Tracks von CRYPTOPSY zu wählen, bzw zu kommentieren.

Die Spotify-Playlist findet ihr hier!

Colin Davis von VILE sagt über CRYPTOPSY: „This is a band that was pretty shocking when they first came out because they incorporated a number of new qualities that really made them stand out. Their drummer played a type of hyper blast beat that was novel for the time, they used funk style slapping on the bass, they wrote a lot of really groovy and melodic riffs and then they put it all together to give you a pretty original sounding package. As they moved on over time, they continued to experiment and never seemed to care if what they were trying out would disappoint or please. They did new things for their own reasons and that is always admirable.“

Um zu erfahren was andere über CRYPTOPSY und Ihre jeweiligen Lieblingssongs kommentieren, lest einfach weiter:

Song: „Benedictine Convulsions“ von dem Album None So Vile

„The lyrics are so well thought out and I love this line: ‚Infernal visions flay their souls, as their bodies contort and writhe…Capricornus nocturnum haunts them, from their torment springs its delight.'“

Song: „Cold Hate, Warm Blood“ von dem Album Whisper Supremacy

Charles Elliott von ABYSMAL DAWN / BEREFT
„This is one of my favorite songs from them if not my favorite for sure. It’s just so brutal and technical while still being melodic at the same time. When they put this record out melodic death metal was king, and this song just crushed all that by adding some good old school brutality. It even has an epic solo section! What more could you want?! True innovators.“

Chris Kells von THE AGONIST
„Been listening to CRYPTOPSY ever since High School when I first started getting into death metal. I think still one of my favorites would have to be ‚Cold Hate, Warm Blood‘. I used to bug (their guitarist) Chris to play that on his acoustic while tracking one of our albums. Oh and ‚Emaciate‘ is also a great one.“

„When I first heard the song ‚Cold Hate, Warm Blood‘ off of ‚Whisper Supremacy‘ I was completely floored by the drumming on it, the technique and fills played on this song kinda opened up a whole new world of drumming to me“

Mark Holcomb von PERIPHERY
„I’d probably have to say ‚Cold Hate, Warm Blood‘, as it’s my favorite song off of my favorite CRYPTOPSY album. ‚Whisper Supremacy‘ was such an amazing record! :o)“

Song: „Crown of Horns“ von dem Album None So Vile

Neil Burkdoll von P.O.O.R.
„I’m sure this is a favorite song for many CRYPTOPSY fans, but it was the first song I ever heard from them back in 1996. In the Chicago land area, there was a metal magazine called ‚Inner Source‘ that featured a CD sampler with each issue. One issue came with ‚Crown of Horns‘ on it and it really blew me away. This same sampler was also the first time I heard DYING FETUS, so it was a pretty good issue. I was really into Black Metal at the time and pretty burnt out on Death Metal, but ‚Crown of Horns‘ really stood out at the time. It was pretty extreme for ’96 and Lord Worm was a very unique vocalist as well. ‚Crown of Horns‘ was really catchy and showed what ‚None So Vile‘ had to offer. I think it summed up the album really well. I still listen to it every once in a while even after all of these years.“

Robert Cardenas von POSSESSED / COFFIN TEXTS
„The sickest drumming I’ve ever heard with the ULTRA BRUTAL VOKILLS!!!! This song reminds me of the Milwaukee Metalfest daze, Great Death Blasting Metal!!!“

Song: „Defenestration“ von dem Album Blasphemy Made Flesh

John Laux von WARBRINGER
„‚Defenestration‘ was the first CRYPTOPSY song I ever heard; I couldn’t imagine a better introduction into their world of Canadian Death Metal. This song rips. I love the bass lines, the velocity of the drums, and how intense the whole damn song is. They put a lot of grind bands to shame with this release.“

Song: „Emaciate“ von dem Album Whisper Supremacy

„I have always known about CRYPTOPSY and was a fan of their technical prowess but when I first heard ‚Emaciate‘ I was floored by not only the music but the strength behind the vocals. I know a lot of people will stand behind Lord Worm as being CRYPTOPSY’s best vocalist, and he is amazing in his own right but to me, Mike D delivered a face pounded vocal delivery that took this band from a great technical Death Metal band to an amazing, ass kicking, technically proficient worldwide act.“

Song „Endless Cemetery“ von dem Album Once Was Not

Ralph Santolla ex-DEICIDE / ex-ICED EARTH / ex-OBITUARY / ex-DEATH
„It’s just intense and fucking HEAVY, it reminds me of when I first heard extreme metal, that feeling of ‚wow, now THAT is extreme!'“

Song: „Graves Of Our Fathers“ von dem Album None So Vile

Benny Mahnert / HEAVEN SHALL BURN Management

„Heavy breakdowns, hyper blasts = perfect death metal song.“

Song: „Phobophile“ von dem Album None So Vile

„The piano intro gets you so pumped and the main riff is beyond epic. No one sounded as evil as Lord Worm back then and Flo was the fastest. The guitar solo on this track is my favorite on the record. ‚None So Vile‘ will always be one of my top Death Metal records of all time.“

Mario Moreno von EXMORTUS
„I remember hearing the ‚None So Vile‘ album in high school and being blown away by Flo Mounier’s drumming. I used to think SLAYER was fast haha.“

Stephan Mellul / Rock The Nation USA
„I still think they had great tracks off ‚Blasphemy Made Flesh‘ and the Mike DiSalvo days, but the beginning track off ‚None So Vile‘ brought the band to higher levels for the Canadian Death Metal scene when it was released. The combination of grooves, grind and technicality – without forgetting Lord Worm’s classic growls & screams – all describe what made CRYPTOPSY unique in their own way.“

Song: „Red Skinned Scapegoat“ von dem Album Cryptopsy

Shane Embury von NAPALM DEATH
„I am quite partial to ‚Red Skinned Scapegoat,‘ just got some nice arrangements and spastic drumming!“

Song: „Shag Harbour’s Visitors“ von dem Album Cryptopsy

Adam Sagan von CIRCLE II CIRCLE / Drumhead Magazine
„This song embodies the best of every period of CRYPTOPSY’s career. Wickedly technical, brutal yet melodic, neck-snapping but groovy, ‚Shag Harbour’s Visitors‘ is the embodiment of technical death metal mastery.“

Song: „Slit Your Guts“ von dem Album None So Vile

„To me, ‚None So Vile‘ is classic for two reasons. The first would be its cover art. Something about it is very intriguing to me, almost haunting. Every time I see it, it grabs my attention and instantly takes me back to being 16 years old in 1996 buying it the day it came out. Reason number 2: in a time before all of this computer drum quantizing fuckery that has become so standard, NSV is incredibly raw, groovy and insanely good. My favorite track off the disc is ‚Slit Your Guts.‘ The drums on that track are so chaotic and real. It sounds like it was recorded in a few takes, and has an overwhelming sense of urgency to the music, which I absolutely love.“

„This was the landmark album for CRYPTOPSY and for me; this particular song showcased what they were capable of doing at the time. This was ground breaking death metal. Very unorthodox, with the slapping of the bass and usage of clean guitar. Quirky, but brutal as hell! One of my favorites and a classic in my opinion.“

Jason Netherton von MISERY INDEX
„The introductory punch in the face, the murderous tremolo picking, some of the fastest drumming ever laid on tape, the ridiculously heavy break in the mid-section, ripping solo, and the return to yet another face-stomping flurry of riffs at the end. It really is an example of a perfectly written death metal song, and at the time, set the bar for many bands that followed in the 90s.“

„It’s the first song I heard from them and its intensity just grabbed me, not to mention the extra hard mosh part.“

Travis Weickum von SKINNED
„Great song, reminds me of a great stabbing horror movie scene on the high guitar parts. It’s like psycho metal. Crazydeathgrind“

Song: „Soar And Envision Sore Vision“ von dem Album And Then You’ll Beg

Leif Jensen von DEW-SCENTED
„I love the craziness of its rather melodic riffs and the constant whirlwind of changing tempos and torrential breaks. I can listen to this one over and over again! I always enjoyed Mike DiSalvo’s powerful vocal delivery and his intense stage appearance and so I guess that made his two albums with CRYPTOPSY (‚Whisper Supremacy‘ and ‚ATYB‘) as well as the production of those records to my favorite period of this influential technical Death Metal band. DEW-SCENTED had the privilege of touring Europe with CRYPTOPSY in early 2006 (together with GRAVE and ABORTED — killer billing!) and I was pretty amazed how CRYPTOPSY pulled off their demanding sets flawlessly night after night! I have some great memories from that tour!“

„The Best Of Us Bleed“ beinhaltet 32 atemberaubende Songs und eine Gesamtspielzeit von ungefähr 140 Minuten, inklusive drei exklusiver, neuer Studio Songs, diverse seltene Live/Demo/Cover/Bonus Tracks sowie ausgesuchtem Material der ersten sechs Studioalben dieser Pioniere des technischen Death Metal. Das Artwork des Albums wurde von Toshihiro Egawa (Suicide Silence, Krisiun, Abigail Williams, usw.) entworfen und das Booklet enthält Liner-Notes von Adrien Begrand (Decibel Magazine).

Der Opener-Song der „The Best OF Us Bleed“ Compilation , „Boden“ , ist einer von drei bisher unveröffentlichten Studio Tracks auf diesem Release. „Boden“ steht nun online zum anhören bereit:

Ein Teaser Video zum Release gibt es hier:

Und ein unterhaltsames „Making Of´“ zur Animation des Album-Artworks gibt es außerdem hier zu sehen:

Checkt des Weiteren mal CRYPTOPSYs brandneues und in Eigenregie veröffentlichtes, siebtes Studioalbum „Cryptopsy“ an – Out NOW too!


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