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Die polnischen Black-/Death-Könige BEHEMOTH werden die deutschen Schwergewichte RAMMSTEIN bei deren Show auf dem Impactfest am 4. Juni 2013 in Warschau, Polen supporten.

Sänger/Gitarrist/Bandkopf Nergal kommentiert: „A few months ago my friends from DEATHSTARS have supported the concert in Ergo Arena, I was jealous… Today on behalf of BEHEMOTH I may proudly announce that we will share the stage with the one of the most important worldwide rock bands: RAMMSTEIN. It’s going to be the first show in Poland that we’ll play after the long time and it is already now more than likely that we present the brand new songs that we’re now strongly working on. And – special thanx to Steven and Live Nation Poland for reliance. We worked together on Big 4 on Bemowo and we’re looking forward to meet them again. It’s an honour!“

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