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British metalcore powerhouse, BURY TOMORROW, have released their second album and Nuclear Blast debut, „The Union Of Crowns“ today.
Get your physical copy at HERE or download the digital version at www.itunes.com/burytomorrow
Furthermore, the band has released a lyric video for the track „The Maiden“ – check it out at: http://youtu.be/N0rD7cqoU4w

„The Union Of Crowns“ track listing:
01. Redeemer
02. The Maiden
03. Lionheart
04. Message to a King
05. An Honourable Reign
06. Knight Life
07. Royal Blood
08. Bitemarks
09. Abdication of Power
10. Kingdom
11. 1603
12. Sceptres
13. Vacant Throne
14. A Curse

Music videos:
„An Honourable Reign“: http://youtu.be/q6q5E7GfKnU

„Lionheart“: http://youtu.be/YpKAZ3-POow
„Royal Blood“: http://youtu.be/irEgJuZpUXU

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