NAHEMAH werkeln an einem neuen Album

| 4. Juli 2011 | 0 Comments

Die spanischen Jünger des Progressive Metals NAHEMAH geben bekannt, dass in den letzten Monaten fleißig an neuen Songs für das kommende noch unbetitelte Album  gewerkt wurde.

Als Appetizer haben wir noch das zuletzt veröffentlichte Video der Band angefügt.

Hier das offizielle Statement der Band:

Hello everybody, fans and supporters!

During the last months we had a necessary and creative break that immersed us inside the amazing and exciting sea of composition. It started last February and is just almost finished.

New songs have been composed for our forthcoming album and they are going to be brought to the studio to be recorded on this summer.

We really love the new tracks, and the impressions they provoque us when we listen to them are that they are going to be part of the best album of NahemaH so far…

The new album is a step forward in quality and spirituality and will be a great surprise that won’t let you disappointed.

The engines are started again!

More news soon, stay tuned!

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